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Davidoff Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Zino Davidoff was born to a Jewish tobacco merchant family in the Ukraine in 1906. He was the eldest of four children to flee the then politically unstable environment in Kiev with his parents, who chose to emigrate and settle in Geneva, Switzerland. Soon after their arrival in Geneva in late 1911, the family opened a tobacconist shop to continue with their trade. After finishing his schooling in 1924, Zino travelled through Latin America to learn more about the tobacco trade which brought him to such places as Brazil, Argentina and finally also Cuba, where he first encountered Cuban cigars whilst spending two years working on a plantation.

After his return to Switzerland in 1930, Zino took over his parents' shop with a view to expanding it on the back of his newly gained knowledge and experience. What had originally been a modest tobacco shop for wealthy customers soon grew to a very successful business. Davidoff even enjoyed continuous growth throughout World War II thanks to Switzerland's neutral political stance, which meant that the country was spared much of the havoc wreaked elsewhere in Europe.

Zino eventually sold his tobacco shop to the Max Oettinger Company in 1970, though Zino remained a brand ambassador for Davidoff until his death in 1994. Imperial Tobacco acquired the worldwide trademark for Davidoff cigarettes in August 2006 for in excess of 500 million euros.

After being part of several corporate mergers and acquisitions, Davidoff also expanded into leather goods, fashion accessories, coffee and fragrances. The Davidoff perfumes and aftershaves are produced under exclusive arrangements with Coty Inc. Some of the most popular Davidoff fragrances include the original Davidoff for Men (1984), the uncompromisingly masculine Zino Davidoff (1988) and the timelessly classic Cool Water (1988). Other popular Davidoff fragrances and aftershaves include the aromatically oriental Davidoff Relax (1990), the fresh and spicy Echo for Men (2003), the warm and woody Silver Shadow (2005), the citrusy and woody Adventure for Men (2008), the oriental and fiery Hot Water for Men (2009), the aromatic and citrusy Champion (2010) and the powdery aromatic accords of The Game (2012) to name but a few.

Davidoff for Men – live every moment to the maximum
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