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Guerlain Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Guerlain was founded in 1828 by Pierre-François Guerlain. It is a hugely influential brand and has one of the most respected legacies in the perfume world. Their scents are considered by many to be a cornerstone of modern perfumery. Among their best known Guerlain colognes, aftershaves and fragrances for men we find the woody Vetivér (1961) and L'Homme Ideal (2014).

Pierre Guerlain ran away from home at a very young age to get away from his father and spent some time in England where he got a scientific education. The young chemist began selling English vinegar and perfume on the rue de Rivoli on his return to Paris. Being a trained chemist and quite clever he soon figured out how to make his own fragrances and this was the beginning of Guerlain. He quickly become one of the most celebrated perfumers in France.

After the original Guerlain's passing in 1864 the company remained with the family. His two sons took over the company and divided the responsibilities between themselves, one handling the business side of things and the other taking the role of master perfumer. This structure would become important for the family and the role of perfumer would be inherited within the family for more than a century. Jacques Guerlain (1900-1955) created many of the brands most known women's perfumes but it wasn't until his grandson Jean Paul Guerlain took over in 1950 that Guerlain began to really focus on men's fragrances and colognes as well. He worked on Vetiver (1955), a woody scent for men which gets his deep, verdant wood notes from the titular grass as well as the classic Habit Rogue (1965), an oriental with zestry citrus, cinnamon, leather and vanilla which gives oozes of elegance and regality. A more recent release from the latest master perfumer Thierry Wasser is L'Homme Ideal (2014), a aromatic fragrance with rosemary, bitter orange on a woody base wrapped in thick, sweet notes of amaretto.
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