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Viktor & Rolf Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Viktor Hosting & Rolf Snoeren are two Dutch designers who first encountered each another at a prestigious design school in Arnhem. They immediately felt a connection and have been creating clothes, fragrances and more ever since. The two are quite similar-looking and they have played with this in their public image, often wearing the same clothes and going so far as to have the same glasses and haircuts. In the 90's they were well-known for their pop-art influenced couture fashion with outlandish designs like films projected unto clothes, dresses chopped up with chainsaws and other crazy ideas. In fact, the two designers have admitted that Viktor & Rolf was more of an art project than an actual brand at that point.

When they presented their first collection for men, Monsieur, it was launched in a show with Viktor & Rolf themselves wearing all the clothes, changing outfits in front of the audience. The very first fragrance for men, Antidote (2006) was launched 2 years after their massive perfume début for women, Flowerbomb (2004), today one of the most sold perfumes in their world. Expectations were high and Antidote did not disappoint with zesty fruit, oriental and woody notes. The idea was that if the grenade-shaped Flowerbomb was an aggressive attack on the senses this was an antidote, a complex & healing fragrance with pleasant and calming vibe. Viktor & Rolf are very careful with their fragrance releases and it wasn't until 2012's Spicebomb they unveiled another fragrance for men. Spicebomb is of course a version of Flowerbomb and just like that scent it comes in a grenade-shaped bottle and packs a punch. Full of spices, it brings chilli, saffron, tobacco and pink pepper together with woody notes for a dynamic and powerful scent with some surprisingly sweet details that blends chilly and warm. Since the release of Spicebomb there have been several special versions of this popular Viktor & Rolf cologne including Spicebomb Eau Fraiche (2014) and Spicebomb Extreme (2015).
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