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Clarins Perfume & Women's Fragrance

The cosmetic giant Clarins was founded by Jacques Courtin-Clarins in 1954 when he was a medical student – the birth of the company came after he noticed that a lot of his patients, especially the women, complained of various skin conditions and he saw an opportunity to set up his own business with a solution. The first product to be created was one that still remains a best-seller today! This was Clarin's 'Body Shaping Cream', which was said to eliminate cellulite and proved to be an instant success in 1962.

Clarins initially focused on perfumed body oils that were made from botanical ingredients, making Clarins the first cosmetics brand to manufacture oils, creams and other products from natural ingredients only. This has been a key factor as to why the company is so appealing and has been since 1950. The all-natural ethic still remains very important to Clarins today.

By 1990 Clarins had successfully broken through the international market and had become a best-seller all over the world including America. They were no longer dependant on just their range of creams as they had also introduced various other lines of products including moisturisers, serums, sun creams, make up and a range of fragrances for women that could be used as effective treatment fragrances.

The earliest and first perfume was in fact unisex and created in 1987, entitled 'Eau Dynamisante'. A 25th anniversary edition was released in 2012 and is marketed as being dual purpose – not only is it lovely zesty and spicy fragrance, but it also firms and tones skin at the same time. Other similar products are 'Eau des Jardins' (2010) that is a refreshing fragrance packed with moisturising agents, and 'Sunshine' Fragrance that is said to ooze 'radiance, refreshment and fun.' Clarins have also released a number of perfumes for women, including 'Elysium' (1993) and Par Amour Toujour (2005) – a best selling rose based scent that is packed full of a fruity, zesty punch and perfect for daytime wear.
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