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David & Victoria Beckham Perfume & Women's Fragrance

David & Victoria Beckham should need no introduction, be it as a couple or their brand, their fame and fashion are known the world over. David is known for his sporting achievements and global sponsorship deals, whereas Victoria became known for her role as Posh Spice in the Spice Girls, being a style icon, model and fashion consultant. In 2014 she also became the top entrepreneur of the United Kingdom, worth an estimated £210 million. They certainly make a dynamic duo and their combined ventures in the world of fashion and fragrances have been more than just dynamic, Victoria even has her own line of accessories, jeans and dresses.

The media dubbed the dedicated couple as “Posh & Becks” and after getting married in 1999, they soon began to realise their plans for expansion in both family, fame and fortune. Both David and Victoria are considered to be modern style icons and a true representation of unparalleled success. The first ever fragrance launched under the Beckham banner was Instinct for Men, which was released in 2005. The popularity of this fragrance soon prompted the release of several his and hers versions of their fragrances, meaning David & Victoria Beckham would not only be associated with sports, fashion and accessories, but also women's perfumes such as the beautifully sumptuous white floral notes of Intimately Beckham for Women (2006).

Other popular women's fragrances in their range include the balsamic floral notes of Intimately Night (2007), the bold and floral Chypre notes of Signature for Her (2008), the deliciously fruity and floral notes of Signature Story for Her (2009), the sensually Oriental notes of Intimately Yours Women (2010) and the delicately floral and powdery notes of Signature Summer for Her (2011).
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