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Hermès Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Today, Hermès are mostly known for their bags, scarves and perfumes, but this esteemed luxury goods brand actually got their start selling horse harnesses. Thierry Hermès was a German-French businessman who supplied nobles in Paris with harnesses and other horsing equipment of the highest quality. After he passed the company was inherited by his son and it remained within the family for over a 100 years. During this time they began to use their proficiency with leather in new ways and slowly but surely the brand became focused on their leather bags instead of saddles and harnesses.

In 1949, the very first Hermes perfume was released. It was named Eau d'Hermès and was a unisex scent with a focus on spices and herbs, along with a strong note of leather as reference to their famous bags and leather goods. Their scarves also became ingrained in French culture and in the 50's and 60's several of their bags were re-named in honour of the famous people who favoured them, like Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin. Around this time they also adopted a new graphical profile, using the now essential orange boxes and the carriage logotype we find on all their products today.
The brand ran into financial trouble in the 70's as a result of many competitors beginning to use cheaper synthetic materials. Hermés were able to survive by sticking to their guns and keeping the focus on high quality products made of the best possible elements while aiming to introduce their products to young people. To this day none of the products are made in factories but instead by hand in France. This paid off and Hermes were able to stay relevant to a whole new generation, keeping the company alive and leading to immense success in the decades to come. The last true member of the Hermès family to run the company was Jean-Louis Dumas-Hermès who retired in the early 00's. Others have since stepped in to handle business matters but his son Thomas Dumas-Hermès still runs the creative side of the company.

The Hermes perfumes are now perhaps as popular as their fabled bags. Eau des Merveilles (2004) is inspired by the magic of femininity and the ocean with a complex mix of fruits, sea notes and florals. One of the most popular modern series is perhaps Un Jardin, which was introduced in 2005 with Un Jardin en Méditerranée. This series plays with natural plant scents, weaving together florals, fig and citrus to create a sense of a garden surrounding the wearer. It has been followed up by others like the beloved Un Jardin Sur De Nil, which re-creates a garden near the Nile with exotic notes like green mango, lotus, incense and sycamore.
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