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Paco Rabanne Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Paco Rabanne is a fashion and fragrance company based in Spain. The brand is of course named after its creator, French-spanish designer Paco Rabanne. This fashion mastermind was born in the Basque region of northern Spain and fled to France with his mother as a small child during the horrifying events of the Spanish civil war. Growing up in Paris he studied architecture at university but after graduating he found himself drifting into jewellery design. Being creatively gifted he actually found great success and created pieces for famous brands like Dior and Givenchy. His positions at these great fashion houses led Rabanne to try his hand at designing clothes and soon his unusual creations were the talk of the town. He became known for using unconventional materials like paper and metal on the runway and these designs featured in the classic 60's film Barbarella.

The year after the film premièred the very first Paco Rabanne perfume was launched in cooperation with Puig. Calandre (1969) was a woody aldehydic perfume in an minimalist bottle. Ever since then Paco Rabanne and Puig have put out a parade of perfect perfumes, including La Nuit (1985) which is a floral chypre perfume with fresh fruit, rose, honey, oakmoss, patchouli and civetta and Ultraviolet (1999) which is a futuristic mix of florals and oriental notes with a bright, warm feel. More modern successes have been the Black XS series (2007-) with sweet notes of cranberry and cacao with vanilla and rose. Lady Million (2010) is the female counterpart to the modern classic 1 Million and makes you feel like millionaire with sparkling orange, rapsberry, jasmine and amber housed in a classy diamond bottle. Olympea (2015) is an athletic fragrance inspired by greek mythology and features aquatic notes, ginger lily and salted vanilla on a base of cashmere and sandalwood.

Paco Rabanne himself is in his 80's but is still working. He has also turned to more classic forms of art in later years, exhibiting drawings that he's been working on since the 1960's but not shown in public. He is still engaged in both fashion design and his fragrance business.
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