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Body Sprays & Mists

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Body mists are a great product if you are looking for something more subtle than perfume. They are generally a lot cheaper too and come in a huge array of fragrances from those of the actual perfumes to more generic but equally delicious floral and fruity body mists.

Body mists don’t contain as much fragrance oil as Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette and therefore won’t last as long but they are a great way of layering up your scents.

You could also use a body lotion from the same fragrance collection in combination with the body mist for extra longevity or get creative and try layering a body mist with another complimenting body lotion.

Body mists are also perfect for spreading the scent of your favourite fragrance a little wider than you would with your expensive perfume. A few sprays on your coat, scarf or throw can be a real delight.
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