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Lip Gloss

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The man behind the cosmetic brand Max Factor invented Lip gloss in 1930 to be used by actresses in the movie industry. The lip gloss would stand out on film, making the lips look shiny and more defined, especially in the early black and white movies. It then became hugely popular with the public.

It is used primarily today to enhance your lips with gloss and shine and also with a more subtle colour. Lip gloss comes in different forms and ways of how to apply it, such as; a cylinder type with a wand to pass over the lips, or in squeezable plastic tubes or containers to apply with your fingers.

Normally lip gloss comes out and is spread on the lips as a fluid or a soft solid but can also be a cream, balm or gel. The Lip gloss is also a product that has a huge variety of different purposes and finishes and can attract a wide demographic of people. You can have a glittery, metallic, glossy, shimmery, with colour or not, matt and also even with different flavours added to it.

Lip gloss can be an excellent choice to add on top of your lipstick to enhance the colour even more. Most big cosmetic brands will have lip gloss as part of their range such as; Mac, Nars, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Clarins. Brands such as Q-KI will often sell lip gloss as part of a makeup/beauty gift set to help create an overall look.

Lip gloss is an excellent choice for younger consumers who are just starting to experiment with makeup or for those looking for a subtle option and don't want to apply an intense colour to their lips.
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