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Juvena Skincare

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Juvena of Switzerland is a Swiss skincare brand that concentrates on anti-ageing care created on a combination of scientific research, customer care and high-standard Swiss quality.

For over 60 years Juvena has continued to research the skin and the skin-ageing process to try to develop products to match their research. Juvena has made products for all skin types including dry, sensitive and normal skin, however, their main aim has been to create products for mature and ageing skin that needs a lift
The Juvena products come in many forms such as serums, masks, creams, cleansing milks, tonics, and gels. They have a tendency to focus their products on effective anti-wrinkle formulas but can also offer delining, lifting, Nutri-restore regenerating, smoothing, firming, detoxifying, calming, correcting and boosting products too.

The brand has a few different collections that focus on certain areas such as Epigens products, which Juvena claims will reduce wrinkles and lines and keep your face looking more youthful and toned. The Epigen products do this by unlocking your personal “skin code” and preventing certain skin genes from switching off.
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